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ALBUM REVIEW: Rock Ridge "Drifter's Prayer"

As the bluegrass community awaits the new album from the group Rock Ridge, some people may not be aware of the Northern California band's debut album titled "Drifter's Prayer." However, it is not to be missed.
"Drifter's Prayer" begins with tight harmonies on  the cut "Blue Eyed Boston Boy." The track has a quiet but palpable confidence that is winning, and the instrumentation is almost flawless. The traditional "Quiet My Love" impresses as well, but it is the upbeat "Tom Dooley" that showcases the unbridled musical joy that makes Rock Ridge a favorite with concert audiences. "From Now On" has much of the same charm.

The biggest surprise on Rock Ridge's album is the contemporary bluegrass song "Won't You Come and Sing For Me," which emerges as the record's best cut and could find radio chart success. The mountain music song "Hills A 'Callin' Me" is pitch perfect, and "Cold Blue Heart" is the album's best pure Bluegrass track.

The final third of the album begins with the gospel-infused "Happy I'll Be," which provides a useful showcase for the band's terrific harmonies. The love song "Would You Love Me" is also a winner and could also be a bluegrass/country radio chart hit.

The fun quotient rises on the next to last song "Carolyn the Teenage Queen," and the song's lyrics will inspire laughter and head-shaking understanding. The title track "Drifter's Prayer" is saved for last, which is somewhat unusual. However, it proves to be a wise production decision, and it ends the album with a meaty lyrical powerhouse of  a song that blends elements of blues, gospel and bluegrass.

The album "Drifter's Prayer" from Rock Ridge is an exceptional example of west coast bluegrass that firmly proves that the best bluegrass music does not necessarily have to come from the Deep South. Indeed, Rock Ridge has the talent and drive to make further inroads with bluegrass fans across America and the world.

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