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Submit Your CD To Bluegrass Chart For Music Review

Bluegrass Chart welcomes review copies of music CDs and other products that might be of interest to our readers.  We mainly review music CDs and DVDs, but we will also review items related to Americana living and country life.

Bluegrass Chart Magazine has a heart for bluegrass and country musicians. When you submit two copies of your CD for review, a bluegrass and country music professional with at least a decade of music industry experience will review the album. Then, a Bluegrass Chart editor will listen to the CD to assess the merits of the review and ensure that it is suitable for publication. Our goal is to publish a music review for virtually every album received.

In addition, we will work closely with you to maximize exposure in numerous media outlets. Bluegrass Chart's music reviews are syndicated to more than 400 newspapers and also published for readers of Bluegrass Chart Magazine.

Please submit:
  • Two (2) copies of the CD or product to be reviewed.
  • A press kit and/or artist biography (not required but helpful).
  • We will provide extra publicity (and often featured advertisements) if you send additional CDs, t-shirts, caps, product samples or other promotional items for our popular contest giveaways.
  • If the CD or product is coming from outside the USA, please list it on your customs form as "ncv - no commercial value" or list it as a "sample" and assign a very low value. is the official site of Bluegrass Chart magazine, a division of The Chart. We syndicate news to more than 400 sources, including USA Today & the Chicago Sun-Times. Bluegrass Chart also provides free services to promising new talent. Call us: (267) 70-CHART or email us

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